Promoting physical activity, Health and wellbeing for young people, youth workers and volunteers


The B:activ project brings together all the Physical Activity, Health and Well-being training workshops and events that Youth 1st run and organise each year.

The project has a dedicated member of staff whose job it is to promote and co-ordinate sessions and training for our member groups.

Most of the sessions are FREE to our member groups. We charge a minimal fee for access to the Sports Leaders UK programmes to pay for certificates and registration. All our programmes can be accessed by non-member groups for a fee.

The following sessions, events and training are available under the B:activ project:

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Sports Tastes and Games Sessions

Our member groups can access FREE Games Sessions for young people. These sessions are tailor-made to suit the group and different age ranges and involve a wide range of games to promote physical activity, team work and confidence. Other groups can access these sessions for a minimal fee. All equipment and resources are provided and a Games Pack is available for youth workers and volunteers. The Sports sessions are themed around sports and alternative games and give young people the opportunity to try different activities. All the tasters can be done indoors or outdoors and again promote physical activity, team work and confidence. These sessions are FREE to our member groups and can be accessed by other groups for a minimal fee.


Youth Scotland Programmes

Members can access a programme of activities, projects and events that Youth Scotland organise and run throughout the year. Working in partnership with Youth Scotland, Youth 1st will promote participation (in Fife) in projects such as Youth Active and Active Girls. For further information about these projects go to www.youthscotland.org.uk


Sports Leaders UK Programmes

Youth 1st have a qualified team to provide Sport Leaders UK Accredited programmes including:


Young Leaders Award: (discounted £12 fee per person for member groups. For other groups please contact the office for further information)

A programme of leadership training for young people between the ages of 10 and 15 that supports them working with younger children, teaching leadership skills through a whole range of games and activities.

Benefits of the Young Leader Award:

  • Encourages young people to take responsibility and develop leadership skills

  • Develops skills such as organisation, communication, confidence and self-esteem along-side planning and self-review

  • Supports the work of adults within the organisation

  • Provides the opportunity for older children to work with younger children thus promoting integration and social inclusion

  • Reduces problems associated with bullying and inappropriate behaviour

  • Encourages co-operation and helps develop moral and social skills.

Go Lead: (discounted £18 fee per person for member groups. For other groups please contact the office for further information)

This training provides an ideal starting point for people from 16 years who have very little or no sports leadership knowledge. This training aims to provide a 7 hour training package and resource that will enable candidates to develop generic leadership skills and hopefully increase their confidence so they may assist with the delivery of simple sports activities for young people.

This programme is a practical course in which participants must demonstrate knowledge and understanding through physical competence rather than written work.

On completion participants will receive a Young Leaders Award or Go Lead certificate awarded by Sports Leaders UK.


Youth Worker/Volunteer training

We encourage all youth workers and volunteers to participate in all our sessions. The Games and Sports Taster sessions are ideal opportunities to gain skills and experience so workers can deliver future sessions to their groups. We also provide access to different training work-shops throughout the year including the very popular Games, Games Games workshop.

For more information on our programmes please get in touch.