Working together to support Youth Groups in Fife

Joining Youth 1st


Who can become a member:

Youth 1st membership is open to youth groups and other groups that use a youth work approach to work with young people. To become a full member of Youth 1st you should be able to demonstrate that are delivering community based youth work where:

  • Young people choose to participate. The young person takes part voluntarily. It is the young person’s decision to engage or to walk away.

  • The work builds from where young people are. The young person’s life experience is respected and young people are involved in shaping the agenda in negotiation with peers and youth workers.

  • The group recognises the young person and the youth worker as partners in a learning process. The young person is recognised as an active partner who can, and should, have opportunities and resources to shape their lives.


Why become a Member?

Your club/group membership means that you now have access to a whole range of services on offer from Youth 1st. You will receive:

  • Support and advice from the Youth 1st dedicated and experienced team.

  • Access to a range of training opportunities including Child Protection. First Aid Awareness, GIRFEC, Conflict Resolutions, Games, Awards, Programme Planning and other essential youth work training workshops. Also access to PDA in Youth Work, Introduction to Youth Work, Go Lead and Child Protection Officer Training, Training is delivered by qualified trainers from Youth 1st and partner organisations such as Youth Scotland.

  • Regular VYN E-Bulletins. Members can use the E-Bulletin to promote their groups activities, advertise for volunteers and much more.

  • Access to fun events and activities such as Sports Taster Sessions, Arts and Crafts,Games Sessions, School Holiday Programmes and much more.

  • Access to established and successful youth work programmes such as ‘Driving4Success’ and B-activ’.

  • Access to FREE Dyanmic Youth Awards via Youth Scotland and support with Youth Achievement Awards.

  • Access a comprehensive insurance package that includes Public Liability and Employers’ Liability for youth workers/volunteers and members during normal club activities.  See below for details.


PVG Support

Youth 1st process PVG Scheme applications/Scheme Record updates for our member groups as part of the service we provide.

The PVG Scheme is a vital part of any Child Protection Policy and both individuals and employers are legally obliged to ensure all volunteers and paid members of staff (who are in regulated work with children, young people and vulnerable adults) are members of the PVG Scheme. Contact to access the PVG Scheme support service.

New Group Support

Youth 1st offer support to people who want to set up a local group for young people. We provide advice and support with governance, programme planning, fundraising, PVGs and Child Protection and other essential matters to consider when setting up a youth group. Our team have over 30 years experience in the youth work field and have been an essential support mechanism for many new and now established groups in Fife.


Information about Youth Scotland 

Joining Youth 1st includes membership to Youth Scotland. Youth Scotland are the largest non-uniformed youth organisation in Scotland and deliver quality youth work programmes, information, resources, training and support to community based youth work.

The organisation has been in existence since the early years of the 20th century and has a membership of 1,209 groups, with 60,841 young people and 7,396 youth workers. For further information about Youth Scotland go to

YS-logo-transp (1).png

Insurance Information

When joining Youth 1st you can ‘opt; to include insurance. The insurance scheme includes:

  • Employers Liability Insurance - £10m limit for any one claim.

  • Public Liability Insurance - £2m limit for any one claim 9Public Liability cover has been extended up to 12 overnight trips per group per annum).

  • You have the option of purchasing additional Public Liability insurance up to £5m.

  • Member to Member insurance - £2m limit for any one claim (£5m with additional PL option)

  • Product Liability Insurance - £2m limit for any one claim (£5m with additional PL option)

  • Contents insurance – up to a maximum of £2500.


How to Join


Either email for more details or download the appropriate form, complete and return to the Youth 1st office or email it to